600mg CBD Tincture, lemon, 1 fl. oz/30ml


The Living Naturals 600mg CBD Tincture offer you a natural way to calm, ease tension, and improve mental clarity and focus. Our oil is derived from certified hemp plants grown on a certified Colorado farm. Living Naturals suspends the CBD with rice bran oil for a clean, light formula. This incredible-tasting tincture has subtle notes of lemon and all the benefits you should expect from pure, high-quality CBD Isolate formula. If you want something with a light, citrusy taste with 600mg CBD, this is the oil for you. Each 0.5ml dose contains 10mg of cannabidiol and is THC-free.


Brand: Living Naturals 600mg CBD Tincture Flavor: lemon

Size: 1 fl. oz. 30ml bottle with dropper. Also available in 15ml and 60ml sizes.

Ingredients: Rice bran oil, lemon extract, hemp-cannabidiol

Lab Report


Fill the dropper with 0.5ml of oil. Drop the oil under your tongue and hold for 20-30 seconds.


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