JaneVape Chocolate Sunrise 100mg CBD Salve

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The Janevape chocolate sunrise 100mg CBD salve is bursting with a citrusy fragrance with hints of cocoa make this an awakening daytime cream.


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Usage Information: Daytime
Topical Use only
Recommended Use: Apply pea-sized dab 1-2 times daily.
How to Use:

Massage a pea-sized dab into the skin and apply to targeted areas, 1-2 times daily. Adjust the amount as needed. It does not take much to tackle a large area such a shoulder blade or hip flexor. The cream is a topical and will not absorb into the bloodstream, but will absorb directly into the tissue. 



  • Keep jar stored away from heat. If the salve melts, set the jar on a level surface in a cool location and allow the salve time to settle. 
  • Although this product is made with simple ingredients intended for use with all skin types, those with certain sensitivities to citrus fruits may want to perform a small skin test before using the full amount. 
  • This product does NOT contact sugar. 


100mg CBD 2oz Glass Jar

Made with Raw Shea Butter, Pure Cocoa Butter, and Rice Bran Oil.

Limonene Terpene: Uplifting, Alert, Focused


3 reviews for JaneVape Chocolate Sunrise 100mg CBD Salve

  1. Ajay O.

    This salve works really well. I put it on and within 3 minutes I feel it working!

  2. Brooklyn C.

    A small amount of this rubbed on my knee and I feel like doing squats again! I’m so energized!

  3. Kellyann H.

    Chocolate sunrise smells like a holiday chocolate orange! I apply it to my feet and toes nightly and they smell heavenly! lol

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