Introducing Our NEW Tincture 4000mg CBD

4000mg cbd


We are so pleased to introduce to you our new tincture!

4000mg CBD Tincture With Natural Blueberry Extract


If you’re someone who wants a strong oil with the most doses, this bottle has 120 servings with 33.3mg per 1/2 dropper.

This 60ml bottle is twice the strength of the 2000mg tincture. The bigger bottle means fewer purchases for you.

Made with amber glass which offers UV protection for the precious cannabinoid formula. This is important because sun rays can damage components of the tincture.

Heat-sealed for your protection, and full of fruit-flavored CBD oil, infused with natural blueberry fruit extract. The dropper is marked with measurements unlike the smaller 15ml version of this formula. The bottles, carefully designed by graphic artist, Kitty Mattrazz, are decorated with bright, plump blueberries on the labels.

The new 4000mg CBD oil next to the 2000mg

We have heard stories from folks who say this oil tastes a lot better than others they’ve tried, and we agree! The Living Naturals brand

of CBD is known for its great-tasting fruit infusions. This oil is made with rice bran oil which itself has less of a taste than some

of the other oils that manufacturers use. It is a light, highly absorbent oil blended with 99% pure CBD Isolate crystals.