Fastest & Easiest Way to Take CBD – CBD Oral Spray

CBD oral spray c.b. doc

The C.B. Doc Advanced CBD oral spray delivers a high dose of CBD into the mouth with each spray. For those who have trouble accurately measuring out the tinctures to the exact milligram, this is a great solution. It is the easiest and fastest way to take CBD. If you’ve never experienced the benefits of an oral spray, you are missing out.

The spray is crafted right here in Arizona and made with quality, organic, Colorado-grown hemp-derived CBD.  Available in thin mint and fruit punch, each 2 oz. bottle contains 1000mg cannabidiol and sweetened with real cane sugar rather than the xylitol* that some of its competitors use.

This formula has the potential wellness benefits that may help with things like daily frustrations like work trouble or tough, stressful days. It also may help to promote a strong self-care routine and a calmer state of mind before going to sleep. Keep one at your bedside for fast, instant application. All it takes to start feeling the spray work is to spray one time in each cheek.

Get your CBD oral spray from Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary

Our selection of CBD oral spray includes only natural products and is THC-free. Our products are locally made in small batches, and quality-tested and certified by independent laboratories to ensure the satisfaction of our products.

Our CBD oral sprays are well received by our patrons, who are reporting supreme relaxation effects on both the mind and the body.

When it comes to our CBD oral spray, it contains 99% pure CBD oil, we sell it in 8-ml bottles, and we offer a selection of different flavors that will elevate your CBD oil experience to the sky.



*xylitol is a natural sweetener that is highly toxic to animals and is shown to have adverse effects for people who have sensitivities and can cause migraines and neurological issues. Our oral sprays do NOT contain xylitol or artificial sweeteners.