Handcrafted delights that taste like the fruits they are named after. Whether it’s cherry, blueberry or peach, Living Naturals uses the finest natural extracts to produce these great-tasting CBD oil tinctures.

Living Naturals Blueberry Extract CBD Tincture Drops are suspended in rice bran oil. Highly-absorbant formula offers 33mg of CBD per 1/2 dropper.
2 fl oz bottle with dropper

CBD Abundant! 4000mg CBD per 2 oz. bottle

1/2 ml = 33.mg CBD per serving

Now $160

Wake up with 25mg per bag Breakfast Tea by JaneVape and start your day with a calm, focused mindset.

8-Pack Tea Bags

Made with linalool – a plant terpene which adds adds a hint of lavender fragrance

The aromatherapy benefits of breathing in linalool vapors have been shown to have calming effects on the body and can reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, increase energy the following morning! 

Available in 100MG, 200MG, OR 400MG

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