Have you ever wondered what goes into the supplier selection process inside a CBD store? Here at CBD Main Street, our supplier choice depends on a wide range of factors such as value for money, quality, reliability, and customer service. We choose suppliers who offer products or services that match – or exceed – the needs of our patrons. When we are considering a CBD supplier, we consider what our business needs, rather than simply paying for what suppliers may want to sell us.

Here is what we look for in a good supplier:

Reliability The supplier must be able to provide reliable service. If a supplier’s order arrives late, that affects you as a customer.

Quality The quality of product must be consistent. We will not offer a product that we feel comfortable with.

Value We consider cost, reliability, quality, and service deliverability to be of utmost importance when determining suppliers. This is why you won’t always find many of the big brands in our stores. While they are busy pouring money into marketing, we look for the teams that are working around the clock to craft only the best products.

Strong Partnership We want our suppliers to acknowledge how important our patrons are, so they make every effort to provide the best service possible. It really is that simple. With so many CBD brands and manufacturing companies popping up, how do we choose the right ones and ensure they have our customer’s best interest at heart? We have a thorough review process that we’ll talk more about a little more in depth further into this article, but we want to talk about the red flags. On any given day, we receive a dozen or more unsolicited vendor inquiries.

We currently carry a large selection of CBD brands including JaneVape, Living Naturals, California Beach Dog, Montel Williams Senitiv, Sky Wellness, Select, and more.

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